JUXTAPOZ (ジャクスタポズ)
SPRING 2019 #209

Robert Williamsによるローブローアート/サブカルチャーマガジン "ジャクスタポズ"。


As we continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, the Spring 2019 saw us looking over the pond to the "Felt Cave" to create a special cover with installation artist, painter and almost-performance artist, Lucy Sparrow. With her interactive and immersive life-sized installations, all made of felt, Sparrow has not only captivated audiences with the sheer mass and detail of what she produces for her exhibitions, but she has also created the "wow" factor and question of "what is this? What is it telling me? What is art? What is commerce?" After a photo session with Juxtapoz contributor, Ian Cox, Sparrow re-created her photo shoot as a massive Juxtapoz cover created out of felt, the final result you see on the cover of Spring 2019. Get the Spring 2019 here, or subscribe to the Juxtapoz Quarterly here. Also in the Spring 2019 issue: —We get a one-on-one with one of the greatest living painters, Neo Rauch —On the eve of her solo show with Anton Kern, we talk surrealism with Julie Curtiss —Emily Mae Smith has been all over the world, and we find out what makes her tick —Antony Micallef tells us the backstory of his thick, engrossing portraits —After finding success in Tokyo, Spanish artist Javier Calleja illuminates his process —We watch Maxwell McMaster paint the sky —One of contemporary art's rising stars, Vaughn Spann, talks about the balance of abstraction and figurative painting —Miranda Barnes takes us on a photo shoot through America —Studio Arhoj takes us through their Danish ceramic studio —Jazoo Yang changes our perception of Korean street art and politics... —and Kate Klingbeil opens at her Juxtapoz Projects studio at Mana Contemporary...
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