JUXTAPOZ (ジャクスタポズ)
WINTER 2019 #208

Robert Williamsによるローブローアート/サブカルチャーマガジン "ジャクスタポズ"。


Over the past 25 years, we at Juxtapoz have seen our scope grow from the underground scenes of pop surrealism, graffiti, comics and collectibles become a worldwide phenomenon. As the Winter 2019 issue sees us celebrate a quarter century of one of the leading independent publications in the world, we thought none other than NYC-based artist KAWS would best represent the evolution of Juxtapoz and the art world since 1994. Just in time for his newest solo show, "GONE," now on view at Skarstedt Gallery in NYC, we sat down with KAWS in both Tokyo and Brooklyn over the course of 2018, as he prepped not only a new solo show, but massive public art projects around the world as well as an assortment of fashion and toy collaborations. Also in the Winter 2019 issue: —Inside the poetic work and career of Swoon —The evolution of REVOK, in his own words —An extensive conversation with curator Donna De Salvo, on Andy Warhol's new retrospective at the Whitney Museum —Louise Bonnet on beauties and beasts —Tokyo's Haroshi on how skateboarding became his building block in life —James Jarvis goes back to the absolute basics —Muzae Sesay and the ever-changing landscape of Bay Area art —Pat Perry and 21st Century Midwest American painting —Wandering the streets of Northern California with Bill Owens —Drama in the details with Sofie Ramos —A special on Axel Void's incredible artist-in-residence program... ... and Rodarte continues to change the world of fashion, one stitch at a time...
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